Revolution Wellness

We are a passionate team of professionals who want the best for our clients. We are here to help you in your journey to be the best you can be and enjoy a better quality of life. Our motto is to CHOOSE LIFE!

With a wealth of knowledge and support from our team we can offer you a valuable service to help you maintain positive life changes. We are also connected to insurance companies and enhanced primary care referrals from your GP and are located right here at Revolution Gym in Seagulls.



FEEL Natural Therapies and Organic Balms

I can make you feel good! …

I love helping people feel amazing! I am a soft tissue specialist. Through massage I can help relieve injury and pain, reduce stress and of course, make you feel good.


Jamie Garbutt, Osteopath

I can show you how to make your body work better…

With every client I assess how the body works for them each day. After this activity assessment, I will guide you with methods on how to improve activity and make it work better for you. Less pain, better performance and alignment of skeletal structure are generally some of the results you may find after the right diagnosis, assessment and referral.


Julie Webster, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I love helping clients see that they can live a better quality of life…

It’s great for me to meet with the client and get to know them personally so I can best advise them on what they can do for themselves at home or outside of a gym environment. I provide activity and exercise programs for what people can do, no matter how old you are! As you gain improvement, I can then guide you on a more progressive program.


Jandaplex – Strength & Wellness Coaching

I love helping clients be the best version of themselves…

I use modern bio science to assess and improve body fat, muscle mass, and mobility. Providing exercise programs and nutritional guidance based on assessment to produce stronger, healthier, and happier clients.


Rusty Roberts – Personal Training

I love to keep moving while training, going from one exercise to the other. I train with my clients, so there is no standing around by me either. Together we have fun, we push each other and no two workouts are ever the same…continually learning, continually improving.