Membership Options

Joining any gym is a commitment.

To make it easier for you, we offer two great membership options – Commit to Get Fit and Bendy Flexi!

Commit to Get Fit

If you are dedicated to achieving your health and fitness goals then the Commit to Get Fit is the membership for you.  A 12 month commitment is great motivation and the ultimate way to keep yourself on the right track.

Bendy Flexi

Love the idea of a fully flexibly gym membership? Bendy Flexi is perfect for people on the go, commitment phoebes or if you just like to keep your options open!

If you are ready to join the Revolution Fitness family or if you would like to find out more about the membership options we offer, you can contact us at any time on (07) 5587 9011 or 0429366794 or email

To fast track the application process please click on the link below and start completing the necessary paperwork.